Residential solar systems

Isolated systems (Off grid)

Nowadays, the use of photovoltaic solar energy to supply with electricity those installations where no electrical grid exists or where the electricity is generated through generators is the most reliable solution and the most economically feasible.

An off grid photovoltaic installation generates electricity through solar photovoltaic panels. This electricity can be immediately consumed, if necessary. Conversely, it is stored in batteries to be recovered when demanded or during the night when the solar radiation stops. A proper dimensioning and execution of the installation allows us having the same comfort level and a level of security of supply higher than that provided by the electrical grid in a clean, secure and totally renewable way.

The off grid solar systems provide electrical power in a secure, comfortable and totally renewable way, without the need to access to the distribution network.

In the case of consumption supplied with generators, the off grid photovoltaic installations allow us to totally or partially replace the consumption of diesel oil and the tedious tasks of deposit filling, maintenance costs and noises due to functioning that they have.

Isolated residential systems
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