Pumping and solar-powered irrigation

Systems with variable frequency drives

The photovoltaic solar systems are directly connected to the variable frequency drive that in turn will supply the direct-current bus of the variable drive. The functioning of the inverter bridge and all the performances realized by the variable drive are not changed, so that the variable drive and the motor can act without restrictions (starting curves, protections of the motor, protections of the pumps…).

The variable frequency drive mainly works in off grid systems for locations where no electrical grid exists and all the energy of the motor is provided by the photovoltaic array, for water extraction for direct irrigation and/or spilling into pond.

The result: with a minimum cost an immediate energetic and economic savings is provided that together with the high performances of control, security, reliability and durability make the project efficient on a technical and economic level.

The photovoltaic energy generated in panels will be entirely injected and with priority in the motor, consuming from the generator, if necessary, the rest of the energy to act in normal conditions.

The savings is evident and proportional to the installed photovoltaic power given that the solar energy is unlimited, clean, ecological and free.

Sistema de riego y bombeo por acumulaci
The system with variable drives will allow you saving with a minimum investment, using to a great extent your current installations.
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